Global Urban Footprint (GUF) by DLR (Thomas Esch) for Italy to Croatia.

The Global Urban Footprint by DLR (Thomas Esch) has been released and provides a global coverage of urbanized areas. Previous versions of this data set has already been used by ongoing research in our department and we will now update the data for our scientific work. It is a great source for mapping human impact… Read More


Tobias Sieg submitted his MSc thesis “The potential of interferometric and polarimetric SAR data to characterize urban areas at the example of Mumbai and Manila” successfully and started with his PhD soon after. The thesis has been conducted in close cooperation with the DLR-EOC (Schmidt, Taubenböck) within the Global Change Ecology MSc study program. A… Read More


The Department of Remote Sensing at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany, seeks to appoint a PhD student with strong interest or background knowledge of remote sensing, spatial modelling and biodiversity. The context for this position is the on going modification and variation of our environment and its impact on animal movement. We are seeking a… Read More