Anna Stephanie handed in her MSc thesis on “Impact of remote sensing characteristics for biodiversity monitoring”. Very impressive study on multi-scale, multi-model and multi-variable analysis of mangroves in Myanmar. While Myanmar is one of the world’s hotspots for biodiversity and endemism, it is currently undergoing enormous political and economic transformations which are likely to increase… Read More


The MSc by Andrea Hess “Deforestation in Myanmar – what can we say about causes?” has been handed in. It has been supervised by Peter Leimgruber (Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute) and Martin Wegmann. Deforestation in the tropics is a global issue. Tropical forests are important not only for local livelihoods, but also for global climate… Read More


Andreas Hess, Global Change Ecology MSc student, just handed in her MSc “Deforestation in Myanmar – what can we say about causes?”. The MSc was conducted jointly with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (Peter Leimgruber) and Ned Horning and fieldwork was conducted in Myanmar with a local NGO. Deforestation in the tropics is a global… Read More