Anna Stephanie handed in her MSc thesis on “Impact of remote sensing characteristics for biodiversity monitoring”. Very impressive study on multi-scale, multi-model and multi-variable analysis of mangroves in Myanmar. While Myanmar is one of the world’s hotspots for biodiversity and endemism, it is currently undergoing enormous political and economic transformations which are likely to increase… Read More

The book “Protected Areas: Are They Safeguarding Biodiversity?” edited by Lucas N. Joppa, Jonathan E. M. Bailie and John G. Robinson is now available including our chapter on “Monitoring protected areas from space” by Nathalie Pettorelli, Martin Wegmann, L Gurney and Gregoire Dubois. We cover the importance of remote sensing data analysis to monitor protected… Read More


a new article just got published on monitoring species diversity from satellite remote sensing highlighting the potential and pitfalls. Assessing the level of diversity in plant communities from field-based data is difficult for a number of practical reasons: (1) establishing the number of sampling units to be investigated can be difficult; (2) the choice of… Read More