M.Sc thesis (+ a two-month internship): Agent-based modeling to understand Mediterranean wetland (former saltworks) dynamic based on multiple remote sensing data   The Camargue’s former saltworks is a 6500-ha site located at the Mediterranean coast in southern France. The site has been recently purchased by the Conservatoire du Littoral, a public organization created in 1975… Read More


Our analysis on mapping bushmeat hunting pressure in Africa based on various co-variates, such as land cover, is now available online. Is is related to our article in NATURE Scientific Reports. Hunting and trade of wild animals for their meat (bushmeat), especially mammals, is commonplace in tropical forests worldwide. In West and Central Africa, bushmeat… Read More


Another publication from the Phd by Yvonne Walz just got published. Read the abstract and check out the online availability: Schistosomiasis is the most widespread water-based disease in sub-Saharan Africa. Transmission is governed by the spatial distribution of specific freshwater snails that act as intermediate hosts and human water contact patterns. Remote sensing data have… Read More

A new article by our former PhD student Dr. Yvonne Walz just got published. The article “Use of an ecologically relevant modelling approach to improve remote sensing-based schistosomiasis risk profiling” aims at the advantages of using spatial modelling approaches for disease risk analysis using remote sensing. Schistosomiasis is a widespread water-based disease that puts close… Read More