In a recently-published paper in Forestry featuring Hooman Latifi, Steven Hill and Stefan Dech from the Dept. of Remote Sensing, further advancements have been reported in developing unbiased statistical models for area-based estimation of forest understorey layers using LiDAR point cloud information. The study leveraged an original high-density LiDAR point cloud, which was further processed… Read More


Our article “Mapping Bushmeat Hunting Pressure in Central Africa” got selected as editor’s choice: There is no doubt that hunting poses a major threat to the persistence of wildlife throught the tropics. Ziegler and colleagues have done a monumental job of summarizing and analyzing data on the hunting of mammals over the course of almost… Read More

A new publication recently appeared by Forestry opens some new outlook in leveraging airborne LiDAR derivatives for monitoring the vertical structure of temperate mixed forest stands. Led by Dr. Hooman Latifi from University of Würzburg, the study focuses on associating aerially-mapped habitat characteristics with 3D metrics extracted from fullwave LiDAR data to model canopy density… Read More


The review article lead by Yvonne Walz is published online first.  Schistosomiasis is a water-based disease that affects an estimated 250 million people, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. The transmission of schistosomiasis is spatially and temporally restricted to freshwater bodies that contain schistosome cercariae released from specific snails that act as intermediate hosts. Our objective was… Read More


A new paper published recently in ISPRS presents our ongoing research on classification uncertainty in the context of multi-temporal object-based classification, based on support vector machines (SVM). It adds a contribution to the question of which factors influence the spatial distribution of classification uncertainty in land use maps.… Read More


First announcement of the joint IBS-DR/DVFFA Biometry workshop 2015   The working groups “Ecology and Environment“, “Bayes Methods” and “Spatial Statistics” of the German Region of the International Biometric Society and the Forest Biometrics unit of the German Association of Forest Research Stations (DVFFA) announce a joint biometry workshop to be held in the University… Read More

our new article in Nature Scientific Reports is out “Disentangling the relative effects of bushmeat availability on human nutrition in central Africa“. We linked wild meat availability and malnutrition in Central Africa. The spatial pattern of bushmeat extraction could be partially explained by environmental parameters and are about to be submitted in a separate article.… Read More


Annika Rudolph a BSc student handed in her BSc thesis on species distribution modeling in Kenya using remote sensing data and the randomForest model. It is impressive what she achieved within 8 weeks without any prior R knowledge. All remote sensing data as well as statistical modeling were done in R, a lot of effort… Read More