Stereo Pair Images and Multi-temporal multi spectral data of SPOT 6/7 (1.5 m spatial resolution)

Via an official proposal submitted to the ESA,  multispectral and stereo panchromatic SPOT 6/7 and Pleiades scenes were achieved over a portion of dry deciduous western Hymalayan region of India. The data delivery include three  multispectral  SPOT 6, two multispectral SPOT 7, two multispectral Pleiades, two stereo panchromatic SPOT 6 and one stereo panchromatic SPOT… Read More


The Dept. of Remote Sensing recently applied for a time series of 12 RapidEye scenes to support a PhD thesis by Siddhartha Khare (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India). The proposal is now accepted, and th PhD work will be supported by a dense time series of RapidEye scenes acquired in 2013 over dry forests… Read More

Siddhartha Khare

Siddhartha Khare from India is recently visiting the Department of Remote Sensing in University of Würzburg. He is pursuing his Geomatics Engineering Group of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. He arrived in Wurzburg on 1st of September 2015 to carry out a part of his Ph.D. work until end of November 2015. The objective… Read More