our new article “Will remote sensing shape the next generation of species distribution models?” in Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation is now online. Two prominent limitations of species distribution models (SDMs) are spatial biases in existing occurrence data and a lack of spatially explicit predictor variables to fully capture habitat characteristics of species. Can… Read More

The outcome of one of our MSc students, Sarah Malec, got published in Remote Sensing titled “Capability of Spaceborne Hyperspectral EnMAP Mission for Mapping Fractional Cover for Soil Erosion Modeling”. Soil erosion can be linked to relative fractional cover of photosynthetic-active vegetation (PV), non-photosynthetic-active vegetation (NPV) and bare soil (BS), which can be integrated into… Read More


We welcome Sarah Sophia Malec as new MSc student. Her thesis in done in close collaboration with DLR-EOC (Dr. Derek Rogge & Dr. Uta Heiden) on “Assessment of Soil degradation in Costa Rica using reflectance hyperspectral and simulated EnMAP imagery”. Sarah will work with hyperspectral imagery from Costa Rica and use spatial statistical models to… Read More