Anudari Batsaikhan studied in Germany and Austria during her Master’s degree program and completed her degree in Cartography in 2015. At the Dept. of Remote Sensing, she works on her PhD project with the title of “Climatic impacts on phenology of grassland along a transect through altitudinal zones using remote sensing” in corporation with DLR… Read More


Asja Bernd started her MSc on ” A Global Analysis of Grassland Fragmentation” supervised by Neil Burgess (UNEP) and Martin Wegmann. She will use globally available land cover data sets and compute a variety of spatial metrics to derive the fragmentation pattern of grasslands. Methods available in R and GRASS will be applied to allow… Read More


We are happy that Sarah Asam, who did already her MSc with us in the Global Change Ecology study program, defended her PhD on “Potential of high resolution remote sensing data for Leaf Area Index derivation using statistical and physical models” successfully! Congratulations! Moreover, we are proud that she started already last summer to work… Read More