A new published work featuring Hooman Latifi from Dept. of Remote Sensing and Siddhartha Khare from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee presents a full remote sensing-based approach to assess the vegetation diversity across the areas affected and invaded by Lantana camara, an invasive plant species. The study comprises two main steps  utilizing  multi-source satellite earth… Read More


Dr. Hooman Latifi from the Dept. of Remote Sensing held an invited speech on “Remote sensing-assisted mapping of bark beetle-induced tree mortality” at the first conference on comprehensive monitoring of stand dynamics in Białowieża forest supported by remote sensing (ForBioSensing) in Białowieża, Poland, from November 30th to December 2nd, 2016. The conference also hosted different… Read More


The MSc by Andrea Hess “Deforestation in Myanmar – what can we say about causes?” has been handed in. It has been supervised by Peter Leimgruber (Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute) and Martin Wegmann. Deforestation in the tropics is a global issue. Tropical forests are important not only for local livelihoods, but also for global climate… Read More


The Dept. of Remote Sensing recently applied for a time series of 12 RapidEye scenes to support a PhD thesis by Siddhartha Khare (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India). The proposal is now accepted, and th PhD work will be supported by a dense time series of RapidEye scenes acquired in 2013 over dry forests… Read More


Dept. of Remote Sensing recently hosted the 5th joint workshop of the working groups “Ecology and Environment“, “Bayes Methods” and “Spatial Statistics” of the German Region of the International Biometric Society and the Forest Biometrics unit of the German Association of Forest Research Stations (DVFFA), which was held in Z6 building of Hubland Campus from… Read More

Siddhartha Khare

Siddhartha Khare from India is recently visiting the Department of Remote Sensing in University of Würzburg. He is pursuing his Ph.D.in Geomatics Engineering Group of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. He arrived in Wurzburg on 1st of September 2015 to carry out a part of his Ph.D. work until end of November 2015. The objective… Read More

Example of LiDAR flight strips over the entire Bavarian Forest National Park

Recently, the M.Sc student Bastian Schumann applied for a 3-month sull license of LAStools to be applied in the course of his M.Sc thesis “Explaining over- and understory canopy coved by leaf-off and leaf-on LiDAR data”. LAStools consists of highly efficient, batch-scriptable, multicore command line tools to classify, tile, convert, filter, raster, triangulate, contour, clip,… Read More

Source: http://www.bayerischer-wald.de

The Department of Conservation and Research of the Bavarian Forest National Park (BFNP) is seeking highly motivated B.Sc and M.Sc students for internships starting in September 2015. The BFNP is located at the German/Czech border in eastern part of the state of Bavaria, and is home to a portion of most spectacular mixed temperate forest… Read More


The Dept. of Remote Sensing recently applied for a time series of 7 RapidEye scenes to support a PhD thesis by M.Sc Omid Karami (Sari University of Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences, Iran). The proposal is now accepted, and th PhD work will be supported by a time series of RapidEye scenes acquired between 07.2009… Read More