In a recently-published paper in Forestry featuring Hooman Latifi, Steven Hill and Stefan Dech from the Dept. of Remote Sensing, further advancements have been reported in developing unbiased statistical models for area-based estimation of forest understorey layers using LiDAR point cloud information. The study leveraged an original high-density LiDAR point cloud, which was further processed… Read More

Stereo Pair Images and Multi-temporal multi spectral data of SPOT 6/7 (1.5 m spatial resolution)

Via an official proposal submitted to the ESA,  multispectral and stereo panchromatic SPOT 6/7 and Pleiades scenes were achieved over a portion of dry deciduous western Hymalayan region of India. The data delivery include three  multispectral  SPOT 6, two multispectral SPOT 7, two multispectral Pleiades, two stereo panchromatic SPOT 6 and one stereo panchromatic SPOT… Read More

On the basis of lidar the distribution of single living and death can be mapped for the national park (a figure from the publication)

A new paper was published in Forstliche Forschungsberichte München   poublished by TU München which summarizes a series of studies leading to the first forest inventory based completely on processing LiDAR and aerial imagery data in Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany. The main focus is on deriving biometric forest structural variables by single tree-… Read More


PhD: Monitoring the structural parameters of forest habitats by multi-source/multi-temporal remote sensing data   The Department of Remote Sensing at the institute of Geography and Geology invites applications for a PhD position starting from May, 20th 2015 for a period of 3 years. The successful candidate will conduct her/his PhD with a multidisciplinary focus on… Read More