The outcome of one of our MSc students, Sarah Malec, got published in Remote Sensing titled “Capability of Spaceborne Hyperspectral EnMAP Mission for Mapping Fractional Cover for Soil Erosion Modeling”. Soil erosion can be linked to relative fractional cover of photosynthetic-active vegetation (PV), non-photosynthetic-active vegetation (NPV) and bare soil (BS), which can be integrated into… Read More


Sophia Wisboeck handed in her BSc thesis “Explaining variation in home range size of red deer (cervus elaphus) in the Bavarian Forest National Park using LiDAR derived metrics on forest structure and fractional cover”. Her analysis of fractional cover and Lidar to explain home range sizes of red deer was very interesting and she gained… Read More


Sophia Wiesböck will do her BSc thesis on the importance of fCover and Lidar data to explain home range sizes of red deer in the Nationalpark Bavarian Forest. Sophia will compute fCover on different spatial resolutions using different data sets and make it comparable with Lidar data. This will allow us to analyse the explanatory… Read More