A new paper on cropland abandonment in Central Asia was published in Applied Geography in the context of the LaVaCCA Project. In many regions worldwide, cropland abandonment is growing, which has strong and known environmental and socio-economic consequences. Yet, spatially explicit information on the spatial pattern of abandonment is sparse, particularly in post-Soviet countries of… Read More


On 09/10 February 2015 the LaVaCCA project team from Würzburg met with the project consortium at the Al´ Farabi National Kazakh University, Kazakhstan. The initial project meeting focused on the presentation of the working packages and important organizational issues.… Read More


We welcome Sarah Sophia Malec as new MSc student. Her thesis in done in close collaboration with DLR-EOC (Dr. Derek Rogge & Dr. Uta Heiden) on “Assessment of Soil degradation in Costa Rica using reflectance hyperspectral and simulated EnMAP imagery”. Sarah will work with hyperspectral imagery from Costa Rica and use spatial statistical models to… Read More