Our article “Mapping Bushmeat Hunting Pressure in Central Africa” got selected as editor’s choice: There is no doubt that hunting poses a major threat to the persistence of wildlife throught the tropics. Ziegler and colleagues have done a monumental job of summarizing and analyzing data on the hunting of mammals over the course of almost… Read More


Our analysis on mapping bushmeat hunting pressure in Africa based on various co-variates, such as land cover, is now available online. Is is related to our article in NATURE Scientific Reports. Hunting and trade of wild animals for their meat (bushmeat), especially mammals, is commonplace in tropical forests worldwide. In West and Central Africa, bushmeat… Read More


The review article lead by Yvonne Walz is published online first.  Schistosomiasis is a water-based disease that affects an estimated 250 million people, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. The transmission of schistosomiasis is spatially and temporally restricted to freshwater bodies that contain schistosome cercariae released from specific snails that act as intermediate hosts. Our objective was… Read More

our new article in Nature Scientific Reports is out “Disentangling the relative effects of bushmeat availability on human nutrition in central Africa“. We linked wild meat availability and malnutrition in Central Africa. The spatial pattern of bushmeat extraction could be partially explained by environmental parameters and are about to be submitted in a separate article.… Read More

Wegmann et al_Phil_Trans_PA_irreplaceability

Our new article about the “Role of African protected areas in maintaining connectivity for large mammals” has been published in a special issue on Remote Sensing in Biodiversity and Conservation. The African protected area (PA) network has the potential to act as a set of functionally interconnected patches that conserve meta-populations of mammal species, but… Read More