our end-of-the-year postcards or christmas cards arrived – even though they do not have a very christmas-like design – and will be send out soon. This year our card shows the Landsat NDVI for an area close to Würzburg on the outside. Inside you can see a 3D point cloud from UAV imagery to… Read More

Our EAGLE students setup their own webpage at http://students.eagle-science.org! Read about their background, motivation and expectations concerning the EAGLE M.Sc. study program. Moreover, the EAGLE students will post news about ongoing social as well as scientific activities, excursions, internships or coding experiences. Please visit their webpage and contact them if you like to know more… Read More

Martin Wegmann and Ruben Remelgado gave a 2 days lecture at the AniMove.org science school at BIK-F in Frankfurt covering applied aspects of remote sensing especially for ecology with a focus on animal movement. More than 20 international PhD and PostDocs attended this winter school, all with their own animal tracking data and specific needs… Read More

Our EAGLE (www.eagle-science.org) and Global Change Ecology (www.global-change-ecology.org) students visited the Earth Observation Centre (DLR-EOC) and got to know the high diversity of applied earth observation research done at DLR. The talks covered various aspects of remote sensing such as application in conservation to animal movement and mapping of urban areas or glaciers.   Welcome… Read More


Dr. Hooman Latifi from the Dept. of Remote Sensing held an invited speech on “Remote sensing-assisted mapping of bark beetle-induced tree mortality” at the first conference on comprehensive monitoring of stand dynamics in Białowieża forest supported by remote sensing (ForBioSensing) in Białowieża, Poland, from November 30th to December 2nd, 2016. The conference also hosted different… Read More


Henrike Schulte to Bühne started her M.Sc. „Quantifying landcover change using remote sensing data in a transboundary protected area“ in cooperation with the Zoological Society of London, Dr. Nathalie Pettorelli. Her M.Sc. is dealing with evaluating the status and change of nationalparks especially transboundary ones. Countries increasingly cooperate across boundaries for conservation purposes and these… Read More

Global Urban Footprint (GUF) by DLR (Thomas Esch) for Italy to Croatia.

The Global Urban Footprint by DLR (Thomas Esch) has been released and provides a global coverage of urbanized areas. Previous versions of this data set has already been used by ongoing research in our department and we will now update the data for our scientific work. It is a great source for mapping human impact… Read More


Joe Premier submitted his M.Sc. thesis on “The Lynx Effect: Behaviour of Roe Deer in the Presence of Lynx in a European Forest Ecosystem” within the Global Change Ecology M.Sc. program. He was co-supervised by Marco Heurich from the Bavarian Forest Nationalpark. Predation risk is one of the main drivers of prey behaviour. In this… Read More


The article “Temporal segmentation of animal trajectories informed by habitat use” in Ecosphere is finally out. Most animals live in seasonal environments and experience very different conditions throughout the year. Behavioral strategies like migration, hibernation, and a life cycle adapted to the local seasonality help to cope with fluctuations in environmental conditions. Thus, how an… Read More