from January onwards we are looking at the DLR (German Aerospace Center, Munich, Germany) for a PostDoc for our large, cross-disciplinary project dealing with the large Mekong Basin in Southeast Asia. Focus will be the analyses of land surface dynamics in the trans-boundary Mekong Basin; an area 2.5 times the size of Germany, and covering… Read More


The Department of Remote Sensing invited applications for a PhD position starting from January, 1st 2015 for a period of 3 years. The successful candidate will conduct her/his PhD in the project “Assessing Land Value Changes and Developing a Discussion-Support-Tool for Improved Land Use Planning in the Irrigated Lowlands of Central Asia” funded by the… Read More


Based on a workshop we had last year in the US, organized by WCS, Robert Rose and funded by NASA we developed the most important ten ways remote sensing can contribute to conservation success. These approaches were developed out of 200+ submitted ideas and discussed by the workshop participants. The article gives a very good… Read More

Our new article about the definition of the spatial resolution requirements for crop identification using optical remote sensing has been published in a special issue on Remote Sensing in Food Production and Food Security. Abstract: The past decades have seen an increasing demand for operational monitoring of crop conditions and food production at local to… Read More


are you interested in a MSc thesis within remote sensing for biodiversity, ecolory or conservation? We offer a variety of topics ranging from mapping ecological relevant land cover types, landscape fragmentation, spatial distribution modelling etc. The thesis will be most likely conducted in close cooperation with an NGO or a nationalpark management. Past MSc thesis… Read More


are you interested in a BSc thesis within remote sensing for biodiversity and conservation or more in general ‘ecology’? A variety of topics are possible such as species distribution modelling, deforestation, spatial prediction of environmental destruction or more technical topics such as the impact of the spatial or spectral resolution on species distribution models. Based… Read More


Annika Rudolph a BSc student handed in her BSc thesis on species distribution modeling in Kenya using remote sensing data and the randomForest model. It is impressive what she achieved within 8 weeks without any prior R knowledge. All remote sensing data as well as statistical modeling were done in R, a lot of effort… Read More

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This is a book about how ecologists can integrate remote sensing and GIS in their daily work. It will allow ecologists to get started with the application of remote sensing and to understand its potential and limitations. Using practical examples, the book covers all necessary steps from planning field campaigns to deriving ecologically relevant information… Read More

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Our new article about the “Role of African protected areas in maintaining connectivity for large mammals” has been published in a special issue on Remote Sensing in Biodiversity and Conservation. The African protected area (PA) network has the potential to act as a set of functionally interconnected patches that conserve meta-populations of mammal species, but… Read More


The introductory course on applied remote sensing within the Global Change Ecology study program started. More than 20 international students are about to learn how to apply remote sensing in ecology. Software used will be R, GRASS and ENVI, while a big focus is on OpenSource software. Topics covered will be ranging from basics to…… Read More