LaVaCCA Project kick-off meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan

On 09/10 February 2015 the LaVaCCA project team from Würzburg met with the project consortium at the Al´ Farabi National Kazakh University, Kazakhstan. The initial project meeting focused on the presentation of the working packages and important organizational issues....
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talks at the ESA Living Planet Symposium

the ESA Living Planet Symposium list of talks and sessions is now online and can be accessed here. We are happy to have talks by Ruben Remelgado on "remote sensing and animal movement" and Martin Wegmann on "remote sensing in ecology and conservation" accepted. Some...
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LiDAR block course in France

D. Hooman Latifi from the Dept. of Remote Sensing was invited by the Dept. of Geography at the Universé d'angers for a 2-week block course on forestry applications of LiDAR data. The course was consisted of lectures and practical examples within a two-week intensive...
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New publication on classification uncertainty

A new paper published recently in ISPRS presents our ongoing research on classification uncertainty in the context of multi-temporal object-based classification, based on support vector machines (SVM). It adds a contribution to the question of which factors influence...
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new article: Satellite remote sensing for applied ecologists: opportunities and challenges

our new review article about opportunities and challenges for ecologists using remote sensing lead by Nathalie Pettorelli has been published. We focused on remote sensing topics related to challenges of applied ecologists, highlighting the potential as well as caveats...
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