resized_earth-observation_org_WegmannBevanda_phil_trans_elefantsOur new article just got published in Biological Conservation. It is based on various workshop outcomes organized by NASA/WCS, CEOS Biodiversity and others in the past 2 years. The free and open access policy for space borne earth observation is crucial for global biodiversity research and conservation.


W. Turner, C. Rondinini, N. Pettorelli, B. Mora, A.K. Leidner, Z. Szantoi, G. Buchanan, S. Dech, J. Dwyer, M. Herold, L.P. Koh, P. Leimgruber, H. Taubenboeck, M. Wegmann, M. Wikelski, C. Woodcock

Free and open-access satellite data are key to biodiversity conservation

Biological Conservation, Volume 182, February 2015, Pages 173-176