Department Summer BBQ 2017

our EAGLE students are organizing the summer BBQ event on June 23rd and beside all students and lecturer of the EAGLE study program as well as all members of the department of remote sensing, we also invite all friends and colleagues to enjoy an evening together....

SCIENCE publication about EBVs

our article about Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV) got published in SCIENCE. Reducing the rate of biodiversity loss and averting dangerous biodiversity change are international goals, reasserted by the Aichi Targets for 2020 by Parties to the United Nations (UN)...

New SPOT stereo and multispectral data granted

Via an official proposal submitted to the ESA,  multispectral and stereo panchromatic SPOT 6/7 and Pleiades scenes were achieved over a portion of dry deciduous western Hymalayan region of India. The data delivery include three  multispectral  SPOT 6, two...

new R package “moveVis” published

Our EAGLE MSc. student Jakob Schwalb-Willmann just published a neat animal movement and remote sensing animation package called "moveVis". It allows to animate movement tracks with corresponding or static remote sensing environmental data. Jakob is currently working...

new publication on logging roads and biodiversity loss

Our new publication with Raffael Ernst on the importance and challenges of logging roads for maintaining biodiversity has been published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. In a recent debate triggered by a thought-provoking editorial (Front Ecol Environ...

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