New paper on farmland abandonment in Central Asia

A new paper on cropland abandonment in Central Asia was published in Applied Geography in the context of the LaVaCCA Project. In many regions worldwide, cropland abandonment is growing, which has strong and known environmental and socio-economic consequences. Yet,...
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new article on RS-EBVs

our new article on "Framing the concept of satellite remote sensing essential biodiversity variables: challenges and future directions" just got published. It is linked to the previous article on RS-EBVs lead by Skidmore in NATURE.   Although satellite-based...
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New Paper: Stratified aboveground forest biomass estimation by remote sensing data

A new paper published recently by Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinf. presents the results of a systhematic survey on the effects of post-stratification of sampling units on the quality of remote sensing-assisted biomass models. This is somwhat controversial to the...
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Course on remote sensing in ecology

The remote sensing course in the Global Change Ecology MSc program started again with the new students. It is again very interesting how spatial data, spectral information and its corresponding techniques are perceived. Highly challenging to teach remote sensing and...
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EAGLE M.Sc. application deadline 2017 is approaching

The EAGLE MSc. application deadline for the upcoming winter term is approaching. Apply within the next 7 days: – all details about needed documents are listed on this page. Learn within EAGLE how to apply remote sensing for a variety of...
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Summer BBQ at the Department of Remote Sensing

We had perfect weather for the summer BBQ of our department and great talks and discussions. Not all could make it but quite a few and we are looking forward to 2018 with maybe even more future, current and past remote sensing scientists from our department at our...

Lecturers from University of Würzburg Trained Young Scientists and Specialists in GIS and Remote Sensing in the 4th CAWa Summer School

42 young master and PhD students as well as junior university teachers and specialists from government agencies and research institutions participated into the two-week 4th CAWa Summer School "Methods and Tools for the Assessment and Monitoring of Central Asian Water...

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