CAWa meeting with CAREC in Almaty

News from the CAWa project "Water in Central Asia": On 6.2.2015 our team visited the Regional Environment Center of Central Asia (CAREC). The meeting focused on the identification of potential users and specification of use cases of the new web-based application...

MSc handed in “Deforestation in Myanmar – what can we say about causes?”

Andreas Hess, Global Change Ecology MSc student, just handed in her MSc "Deforestation in Myanmar – what can we say about causes?". The MSc was conducted jointly with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (Peter Leimgruber) and Ned Horning and fieldwork was...

Department Summer Event

Our annual summer event organized by our EAGLE M.Sc. students, the EAGLE summer dialogue, took place last Friday at our Department and we were very happy to see many students, lecturers, staff and colleagues from other institutions discussing and exchanging contact...

Lecturers from Würzburg University Trained Young Scientists in GIS and Remote Sensing in the 5th CAWa Summer School in Almaty, Kazakhstan

23 master and PhD students as well as junior university teachers and young specialists from government agencies and research institutions participated into the two-week 5th CAWa Summer School “Methods and Tools for the Assessment and Monitoring of Central Asian Water and Land Resources”

new B.Sc. thesis: UAV-based cemetery map

Florian Baumgartner started his B.Sc. thesis titled “Object-oriented derivation of a digital cemetery plan from very high resolution aerial imagery – a case study for the municipality of Kürnach”. The aim of his thesis is to derive a high-resolution UAV-based graveyard map that can be used by the municipality for further planning within the cemetery administration.

Call for Master’s thesis at the Department of Remote Sensing

In situ and radar-based assessment and analysis of the surface soil moisture and its dynamic in the agrarian landscape in South Italy

Objective Semi-arid to arid climate determines the natural water availability in the Mediterranean. In particular, groundwater reservoirs are the main source of freshwater in the Mediterranean region. Climate change as well as increasing water consumption in irrigated agriculture are identified as major drivers of increasing groundwater scarcity and overuse of fragile groundwater resources.

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