Christopher ConradChristopher Conrad (10)
New publication on mapping the phenology of crop types
Dept. of Remote SensingDept. of Remote Sensing (53)
Remote Sensing Midsummer Dialogue at the Department
Dimo DimovDimo Dimov (4)
Preprocessing of Sentinel-1 SAR data via Snappy Python module
Hooman LatifiHooman Latifi (35)

He is an assistant professor at the Dept. of Remote Sensing of the University of Wuerzburg. His reserach interests lie in applied spatial analysis of forest and environmental entities (Structure, biodiversity and health indicators) by means of airborne (mainly LiDAR) remote sensing.

New publication: vegetation response to environmental variables in the mountainous forests of Western Himalaya
Martin WegmannMartin Wegmann (83)

Akam. Rat (sen. lecturer, Ass. Prof.) for Remote Sensing in Biodiversity and Conservation. Teaching within the Global Change Ecology study program: Remote Sensing application in Ecology. Mainly using OpenSource software: R, GRASS, QGIS, Latex, beamer, knitr, tikz/pgf

new article online: Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation: three years on
Sarah Schoenbrodt-StittSarah Schoenbrodt-Stitt (4)
Lecturers from University of Würzburg Trained Young Scientists and Specialists in GIS and Remote Sensing in the 4th CAWa Summer School