Author: Sarah Schoenbrodt-Stitt

Workshop Reports at the Department of Remote Sensing – April 27, 2018

We are glad to announcing two upcoming workshop reports at the department for Friday, 27th April 2018. Both presentations will deal with cropland classification and monitoring by using multi-temporal Sentinel-1 and -2 images.  First presentation will be about Agricultural monitoring using multi-temporal optical and SAR data in a complex cropping zone by our colleagues Talha Mahmood, Christopher Conrad, Muhammad Usman, and Nima Ahmadian. Abstract Agriculture is the backbone for Pakistan’s economy, which contributes 21% to the Gross Development Product (GDP) of the country. It also employs 45% of direct and indirect labor and provides the raw materials to main...

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International Symposium on Water and Land Resources in Central Asia

October 09 – 11, 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan Registration is open!   To bring together the international scientific community and regional stakeholders and specialists focussing on water-related and environmental challenges in Central Asia Together with the partners at the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) in Potsdam and at the German-Kazakh-University in Almaty, colleagues from the Department of Remote Sensing at the University of Würzburg will hold a conference in October 2018 in Central Asia. The Department of Remote Sensing will lead two sessions (i.e., Session 4 ‘Using water and land resources: Challenges and sustainable solutions and Session 7...

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Workshop Report at the Department of Remote Sensing – April 11, 2018

Remote sensing for phenological monitoring: How to derive phenological information using MODIS time series for Germany? On April 11, 2018, our colleague Carina Kübert will address different questions on how to derive phenological information from time series analysis using MODIS data. Abstract “Phenology is perhaps the simplest process for changing the ecology of species as a response to climate change.” (Rosenzweig et al. 2007) There are several approaches to track phenology in the context of global change. Land Surface Phenology (LSP) deals with methods to monitor vegetation phenology using time series data from Earth Observation satellites. Getting deeper into...

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Department of Remote Sensing Will Contribute to CAWa Summer School 2018

CAWa Summer School 2018 – Open Call for Application As in the previous years, CAWa WP3 team members from the Department of Remote Sensing will provide lectures on the potentials and use of remote sensing data, GIS and webGIS to dedicated master and PhD students as well as professionals and experts in Central Asia. The Summer School introduces innovative methods and tools for the analysis and monitoring of water and land resources in Central Asia. These methods are of great value in the framework of integrated water and land resources management. The 2-week Summer School will combine theoretical lectures...

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Setting Up the Roadmap for WUEMoCA Tool Dissemination in Central Asia

Begin of March 2018, colleagues from the Department of Remote Sensing at the University of Würzburg and their colleagues from the German-Kazakh University in Almaty (Kazakhstan) set up the roadmap for disseminating the online information tool WUEMoCA in the final CAWa phase (2018-2019).   The meeting in Almaty particularly dealt with the current state of WUEMoCA and ongoing tool development activities, recent WUEMoCA dissemination activities in Central Asia such as seminars for knowledge transfer and trainings for sustainably bringing the tool into the practice, feedback by users/applicants in order to improve WUEMoCA, and future cooperation. Among others, colleagues from...

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