Author: Ruben Remelgado

rsMove R package update!

An update for rsMove is now available on CRAN. rsMove was designed to support movement ecologists in the selection and handling of remote sensing data. This package helps select study sites, guides the choice of satellite data by quantifying the influence of its spatial and temporal resolutions on movement data and quantifies species-environment interactions to help choose environment variables. Additionally, rsMove provides tools to homogenize the scales of remote sensing and animal movement data, select presence/absence samples and model resource suitability from a remote sensing perspective (see Remelgado et al., 2017). Most of the functions in rsMove are accompanied...

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New Publication: Refining the Link between Remote Sensing and Animal Movement

New paper published in Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation (RSEC) in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (MPIo) and the European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC). This paper discusses the technical and theoretical differences between animal movement and remote sensing data and provides practical solutions to improve their combined use. The publication is open-access and can be viewed through the link below.   Remelgado, R., Leutner, B., Safi, K., Sonnenschein, R., Kuebert, C. and Wegmann, M. (2017), Linking animal movement and remote sensing – mapping resource suitability from a remote sensing perspective. Remote Sens Ecol Conserv....

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New R package! rsMove – Remote Sensing for Movement ecology

We are proud to announce that the initial version of rsMove is now available on CRAN. It was developed by Ruben Remelgado and offers utilities to analyze GPS tracking data using remote sensing such as directional and temporal sampling tools. While this package is directed towards animal ecology studies, its functions can be used for other applications involving, e.g., point data analyzes and image classification. The package is hosted at gitHub and can be found here. This initiative is part of the Opt4Environment project and was funded by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) on behalf of the Federal Ministry...

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