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Applied course on Biodiversity, Conservation and Remote Sensing

The applied course on remote sensing for biodiversity is currently conducting field measurements and spatial data analysis in the Bavarian Forest national park. This course in embedded in the Global Change Ecology study program. 15 students are learning this year how to apply hyperspectral data lidar data and landsat data for analysing spatial biodiversity patterns… Read More Powered by...

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Upcomming CAWa training 2014 in Tashkent

Our next CAWa-Project remote sensing and GIS training is scheduled for December 2014 in Tashkent in close cooperation with the SIC-ICWC. A workshop on agricultural land use mapping and irrigation water requirement related topics will be held. We have several other inquries from our Central Asian colleagues and partner organizations – options are discussed at… Read More Powered by...

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AniMove course at SCBI in April 2015

Animal movement is critical for maintenance of ecosystem services and biodiversity. The study of complex movement patterns and of the factors that control such patterns is essential to inform conservation research and environmental management. Technological advances have greatly increased our ability to track, study, and manage animal movements. But analyzing and contextualizing vast amounts of… Read More Powered by...

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Field course on Biodiversity and Remote Sensing

We started again to organise our 10 day excursion into the Nationalpark Bavarian Forest learning how to apply remote sensing in biodiversity research. The 10 day course consists of learning field measurements such as LCCS spectrometer measurements LAI GPS and map interpretation etc. as well as working with a variety of remotely sensed data such as Landsat and MODIS LiDAR hyperspectral data (Hymal, Hyspex) moreover all attendees will analyse spatial biodiversity patterns (botanical as well as zoological data) and if/how they can be explained using remotely sensed data. All analysis are done with OpenSource software such as R , GRASS and QGIS. Lecturers are Benjamin Leutner and Dr. Martin...

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AniMove trainings in 2015

Our AniMove 2015 planning just started – the first AniMove in 2015 will take place again at SMSC on the Smithsonian Conservation Bioloy Institute campus. A workshop and symposium on AniMove topics will be in September in Germany and perhaps we will have another AniMove basic course at the end of 2015. Stay tuned for… Read More Powered by...

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